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The novel that started the John Keegan Series.


When New York City's most famous man dies by suicide, questions arise. Ronald Mullins had it all, with no hints he was suicidal.


Keegan and his partner investigate, and discover layers of corruption that lead to the top of city government. When Keegan pushes, he finds himself in handcuffs.


Suspended and left on his own, Keegan pushes to find the truth, not realizing he may end his career, and his life.

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A serial killer is loose in New York City. When the latest victim is the granddaughter of a prominent Senator, pressure mounts to find the killer at all costs.


Keegan gets thrust into a series of murders looking more and more like the workings of the serial killer. The mayor fears the murders will affect his successful anti-crime initiative. Keegan's boss, passed over for a promotion, is eager to put this case to rest and secure a position higher up in the department. 

Keegan's partner is distracted by problems at home. At first he attempts to close the case prematurely, then, he disengages himself from the investigation, leaving Keegan to come to his own conclusions about the case and his partner.  He won't like the results.

The daughter of a famous scientist is found strangled in Central Park... A drug dealer is brutally murdered in his apartment... 

NYPD Detective John Keegan is drawn to the first case but instead is assigned to the second. Investigating drug dealers is not what he became a cop for. In a sense, he figures, whoever killed Konstantin 'K-Drugs' Volkyv did the city a favor. Over time, he will realize the two cases are connected. As more criminals end up dead, he'll also discover that a vigilante is running loose in New York, determined to end the lives of an underground crime syndicate. While he secretly applauds the killer's work, Keegan knows he must stop him. It will take more than he is willing to give to do so. 

The Down Side New Cover 2020.png

New York City gets caught off guard by the brutal murder of actor Patrick Dillons. Homicide detective John Keegan returns to the job he walked away from and his first case lands him in the media spotlight. Adjusting to his new life as a husband and father, Keegan attempts to investigate a case he isn't ready for.

Though beloved, Dillons' life points to several suspects. Keegan investigates with his new partner and old friend, Karl Lavin, and they quickly discover Dillons manufactured an image for the public while living a vastly different life in private. When Keegan gets handed shocking information on the actor he must keep secret, he finds himself embedded in a web of lies, causing trouble on the job and at home.

The Down Side illustrates the difficulty investigating a high-profile murder, along with the secrets all people keep. From the highly detailed murder scene to the involvement of players ranging from drug dealers to high-level government officials, this mystery will keep readers guessing until the very end who killed


Months after the Dillons investigation, John Keegan gets thrust back into the 'game' he played with an informant. Contacted via anonymous text, Keegan and the informant play a game of cat and mouse, and it takes a while before Keegan realizes which role he plays.


Similar murders occur within his precinct, and each time, his informant has significant evidence regarding the crime. While trying to solve the cases he is assigned, and helping other detectives with the others, Keegan attempts to investigate this mysterious helper and come to conclusions about his or her intentions.


The killings continue as Keegan discovers the killer's ultimate target, and he must risk everything, including his own sanity, to stop the killer before it is too late.


Release date: November 2020

Never Look Back Cover.png

The impossible happened. John Keegan got promoted. True to form, he half-accepts the promotion, choosing to work cases while he runs the Homicide department. It's a recipe for disaster.

A new case comes in. Keith Canton, certified 'maker' and 'tech guru' is found in his posh apartment, strangled with piano wire, an extremely low-tech way to kill someone. Keegan takes the case, brings old partner Karl Lavin along, and discovers Canton led a wildly disparate life. A workaholic by day, he engaged in an online game enhanced by psychadelic drugs at night. When the case reveals Canton coded VR memory experiences for high-powered clients, Keegan and Lavin see reality shift before their eyes.

What happens in alternate reality seemingly does not stay there. There are people who will pay large sums to escape reality and others to mine the information revealed in that escape. Which side was Canton on and why did someone choke the life out of him? 

Never Look Back explores the digital footprint we leave and the dangers of not knowing the rules of the game.



A new series, The Virium Saga- Due July 2016


This first book, New Dawn, tells the story of Earth 150 years after an apocalypse. A young woman with special abilities is thrust from her encampment and sent out into the wilderness.


Once in the wild, she realizes the long-held beliefs of her people are completely wrong. Although much of the Earth may be lost, humanity has survived, and an entire universe is out there to be discovered.


Humans had used a moon mineral, Virium, to enhance their DNA. This has led to a fracturing of mankind, and Beveny must discover the path to salvation, for herself, and the people she has lived with all her life.


The world she encounters is not friendly. She will need to harness her newfound abilities, and decide how to handle the various life forms she encounters on her quest to disvover the truth of mankind's past, and future.

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